ll_final_frontThe Lightning Lord

Welcome to the adventurous world of American steampunk. Agents Shuttleworth and Beacon are sent to reconnoiter Deadwood, South Dakota after a freak lightning storm destroys part of the town. It quickly becomes evident that this is the work of one evil man intent on merging the modern technology of 1879 with dark arcane arts. Can our heroes find this, “lightning lord” before he fully implements his world destroying plan?

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NS_BookCover3Nick Saint

Nick Saint, a normal guy working at a Chicago mini-mart, begins having dreams and soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery across time and two continents . See, there’s this machine he found in his attic that trapped the intelligence of several people sixty years ago and now they want out. Nick, Franki, Ricky the raven, and the ladies of Bledsoe House, must solve the mystery and fix the machine to free those trapped.

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Just Us

Young biologist, Tobi Madison goes to sleep on an island in Lake Erie in 2013 and wakes up on the same island but at a time in the future when the world she knew has been destroyed and a new world has grown up, complete with genetically redesigned animals and  alien warlords. Where will this new world lead them when they realize it’s, Just Us.

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PetHavenCover_Kindle-130903Pet Haven

Elle Grant is a twelve year old girl in a small Illinois town. Her father is an emergency room nurse, his girlfriend is the Chief of Police, and her best friend, Maria is an old-movie fanatic. Elle leads a nice normal life until she meets a mysterious stray cat and finds the bracelet of a dead girl in a pet cemetery named, Pet Haven.

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NWGBM_Cover1The Northwest Goldberg Mystery

Detective Nate Jenkins, a seasoned veteran of the Detroit City Police force, begins a murder investigation that will soon find him embroiled in a dark scheme involving horrific crime scenes, human trafficking, and powerful city leaders. At the center, a young girl rendered speechless by the unspeakable atrocities she’s witnessed, and a pretty police officer with an odd vibe and a passion for justice.

Nate must stop the bloody murders, close down the perverted, “A Brother’s Love,” and end the human trafficking in his failing city, all without losing his life.

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Happy Writer
 How to be a Happy Writer
Many people have things to say, profound things, enlightened things, humorous things, but will never write it down because they have convinced themselves (or been told) they are not writers. “How to be a Happy Writer” will NOT tell you how to be a writer, nor how to get published, nor how to sell books, it is intended to be a book of encouragement, to balance all the negativity writers and potential writes run into regularly.

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Building An Aquaponics System

Aquaponics is a method of growing fish and vegetables in a simple recirculating system. This book is designed and written to provide basic information and direction for people interested in building a backyard aquaponics system. It is NOT a “how-to” manual listing parts and with step-by-step procedures, but it’s more like a conversation that you might have with a good friend about how he built his system. It is written to be easily understandable and includes lots of pictures and graphics.

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Important Things You Need To Know About… Bee Keeping

This booklet gives easy to understand information concerning beekeeping including; history, equipment and maintenance.

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Important Things You Need To Know About… Soil Fertility

This booklet gives easy to understand information concerning soil fertility including; soil texture, nutrients and fertilizers, both synthetic, compost and manures.

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The Lightning Lord: Chapter One

Chapter 1 – Deadwood Agent Elizabeth Persimmon Shuttleworth, kicked at a small pile of charcoal, the gray ash puffed into the air for a second before settling on the pointed toe of her well-polished black cowboy boot. She reached down and pulled a small doll head from the charred wooden remains of someone’s home, probably the bedroom of a little… (more…)

The Boy

I looked across the space between the young boy and I. ‘Brown,’ was the only word that seemed to encompass not only the description of the dead grass and exposed soil, but included my mood and the general miasma of the setting. It had not rained in the past — I couldn’t remember. It felt odd that me, an avid gardener… (more…)

Sarah Anne Wisemueller: A Sisters of the Secret Mystery Story

Sarah Anne Wisemueller sat on the back steps of Sisters of the Secret Mystery, the orphanage her Uncle Thomas had dropped her off ten years ago. She looked across the dark paved playground, remembering. Back then, at seven, she was one of the children hanging from the monkey bars, but now at seventeen, she had different feelings as she watched… (more…)