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O’er Mountains to the Sea

Everything was fine as they began their first night in the mountains. The whole convoy was in high spirits as they left the comfortable homesteads of their people which surrounded the central settlement. Ten years had passed since their crash landing on Darkworld, as some had begun to call it, and in that time the settlers, now known as “pilgrims,”… (more…)

Sarc the Explorer by Sean Shroll & Anthony D Faircloth

It was a seventy short years after the crash of the Blue Star when Sarc looked out from under his cap, the rain stinging his face. The wind blew constantly, pushing raindrops parallel to the ocean’s surface. He scanned the horizon, eyes squinted hearing the faint beating of the surf upon the rocks. He scanned the ocean for rocks but… (more…)

First Inhabitants by Sean Shroll & Anthony D Faircloth

The large sea animal lolled about in the waters off the coast of the big land, its flippers hung long and low sometimes even touching the soft sandy bottom. The sun had been hot today, as it had been for the last several weeks and something in the animal told it that it was nearly time for the herd to… (more…)

Log of the Blue Star by Sean Shroll & Anthony D Faircloth

The following are historic excerpts from the log of the Blue Star, the ship that crashed and origianlly populated the planet, known by many names including, Darkworld. Many log entries were destroyed in the first weeks and months of the habitation, and many others failed to make it through the Nagg Ha’ddad wars. These entries were authored by Ruul Tac’ree… (more…)