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Pet Haven: Chapter One

The man carried the large bundle over one shoulder as he padded quickly down the stairs. Light from the street filtered through the sheer curtains but otherwise the darkness was complete. He almost tripped over the small dog gasping for air at the foot of the stairs, poison-filled froth dribbled from its small mouth. Poor pup, needed to be done… (more…)

Anthony D Faircloth Newsletter- February/March

The Nonplus Adventures of a Self-publishing Writer: My Brain Unbridled I’m having difficulty writing recently. It’s not that I don’t have any ideas- I have plenty. It’s not “writer’s block” per se since most often I need only to start pressing keys and something comes out. It’s that my brain won’t do what I want it to! I have two stories I… (more…)

Sarc the Explorer by Sean Shroll & Anthony D Faircloth

It was a seventy short years after the crash of the Blue Star when Sarc looked out from under his cap, the rain stinging his face. The wind blew constantly, pushing raindrops parallel to the ocean’s surface. He scanned the horizon, eyes squinted hearing the faint beating of the surf upon the rocks. He scanned the ocean for rocks but… (more…)