The Extraordinary Case of Bliss Carter, Chapter 1

The deeper she goes, the darker it gets.

Many of her friends knew Bliss Carter as the well-behaved debutante ward of Lady Elizabeth Southwell, and she was. But she was also the type of girl who went looking for trouble.

When bodies go missing from the cemetery of a prominent Pensacola family, Bliss starts asking questions. The answers take her on a journey full of terrifying rituals, reanimated corpses, and a subterranean world of things that, for the sake of sanity, normal people push to the back of their minds. Some of these things live on rotten flesh, and others are intent on ushering the return of ancient life-destroying cosmic deities.

With the help of a retired British spy, a small-town detective, a video game nerd, and a formerly-deceased Southern aristocrat, Bliss is determined to uncover the truth and thwart the evil otherworldly power –- but will she and her crew be able to bring this extraordinary case to a close before it’s too late?

Nick Saint, Chapter 1

Nick Saint, a normal guy working at a Chicago mini-mart, begins having dreams and soon finds himself embroiled in a mystery across time and two continents . See, there’s this machine he found in his attic that trapped the intelligence of several people sixty years ago and now they want out. Nick, Frankie, Ricky the raven, and the ladies of Bledsoe House, must solve the mystery and fix the machine to free those trapped.

Just Us, Chapter 1

Young biologist, Tobi Madison goes to sleep on an island in Lake Erie and wakes up on the same island but at a time in the future when the world she knew has been destroyed and a new world has grown up, complete with genetically redesigned animals and alien warlords. Where will this new world lead them when they realize it’s, just us.

Pet Haven, Chapter 1

Elle Grant is a normal twelve year old girl in a small Illinois town. Her father is an emergency room nurse, his girlfriend is the Chief of Police, and Elle’s best friend, Maria is an old-movie fanatic. Elle leads a nice normal life until she meets a mysterious stray cat and finds the bracelet of a dead girl in a pet cemetery named, Pet Haven.

How to be a Happy Writer, Chapter 1

Many people have things to say, profound things, enlightened things, humorous things, but will never write it down because they have convinced themselves (or been told) they are not writers. “How to be a Happy Writer” will NOT tell you how to be a writer, nor how to get published, nor how to sell books, it is intended to be a book of encouragement, to balance all the negativity writers and potential writes run into regularly.



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