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The Extraordinary Case of Bliss Carter: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – I’m Late and Overhear Stuff I was fifteen minutes late to the funeral, pulling into the funeral home parking lot just as the police directed the last few cars onto the road heading to the gravesite. As the ward of Lady Elizabeth Southwell, I had been trained to be on time, and in truth, she would be… (more…)

Nick Saint: Chapter One

I stood in the shadows at the edge of the silent alleyway, enfolded in early morning darkness. Across the street, the neon bar sign flashed “Mel’s Brewery” once every three seconds. Beneath the name, on an alternating three seconds, it flashed the question, “Ready for a beer?” and the correct time on the hands of a neon clock, now one-forty-six.… (more…)

Sarc the Explorer by Sean Shroll & Anthony D Faircloth

It was a seventy short years after the crash of the Blue Star when Sarc looked out from under his cap, the rain stinging his face. The wind blew constantly, pushing raindrops parallel to the ocean’s surface. He scanned the horizon, eyes squinted hearing the faint beating of the surf upon the rocks. He scanned the ocean for rocks but… (more…)

Hypersite War: The Legend of Little Jim

In essence, Little Jim’s existence has its basis in stories told 2-3 years after the beginning of the infestation. Stories began to surface telling of a teenage boy, endowed with all the powers of a Host, but without all the psychotic craziness. In all of the stories, the boy appears during a Host attack and saves the day. Sometimes he kills the Host… (more…)

Elbraith and Verduun’s Golden Apples

Elbraith AnCluin was a mighty warrior among his people. He was a good leader and became chief of his clan, reigning for over thirty years. There was a younger Elbraith however, a man of fifteen who seemed to find trouble around every bend in the road. He is the Elbraith of this story. **** Elbraith AnCluin swatted the last of… (more…)

Hypersite War: Della Braxton’s Story

Della Braxton placed the last piece of chicken on the platter. “Hey baby, take this plate to the living room please.” Della’s daughter-in-law complied quickly. “Sure Momma, not a problem.” In the living room, several long white plastic tables sat. “First Apostolic Church” was written in marker on the edges of the tables, having been borrowed with the chairs from… (more…)

Just Us: Chapter One

It Begins I walked quickly through the woods, thinking about the morning so far. It was all some kind of crazy mystery. When the team and I woke and gathered in the Commons for breakfast, we discovered the end of the building was missing and the woods had grown up in the space overnight. In addition, some of our utility… (more…)

Hypersite War: Jon Creek’s Story

Jon Creek was a mail carrier outside Broken Bow, Nebraska, about 90 miles North East of North Platte before he became a zombie killer. He had a wife, Jean and two children, Claudette, a precocious 12 year-old, and an ‘all-boy’ 9 years-old, Johnny Ray. The other member of the family, usually not seen until dinner, was their large mixed breed… (more…)

Hypersite War: Rapp’s Story

My name is Glen Rappaport and I was a Super Dippy Chips delivery guy in my life before the Infestation. I drove a huge truck, the one that everyone hated because it took up five parking spots. I unloaded and restocked the Super Dippy chip shelves in both grocery stores and mini-mart stores. I also liked to fresh water fish,… (more…)

Hypersite War: An Introduction

My name is Norman Monk. I was a private business consultant, but now I am a documenter of the hypersite war, and a zombie killer. The thing about zombies is that they’re dead of course, but with incredible accuracy you can also say that they’re ugly, clumsy, smelly, and they have unpleasant social skills- if one considers eating the neighbor’s… (more…)