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The Boy

I looked across the space between the young boy and I. ‘Brown,’ was the only word that seemed to encompass not only the description of the dead grass and exposed soil, but included my mood and the general miasma of the setting. It had not rained in the past — I couldn’t remember. It felt odd that me, an avid gardener… (more…)

Anthony D Faircloth – Special Christmas 2015 Newsletter

The Nonplus Adventures of a Self-publishing Writer: Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season,to everyone. I thought I’d drop everyone a special line as to what’s going on at the ol’ Faircloth Family micro-farm. The chickens are well, though their laying is decreased due to the season. In last year’s Christmas newsletter I reported about a… (more…)

Hypersite War: Della Braxton’s Story

Della Braxton placed the last piece of chicken on the platter. “Hey baby, take this plate to the living room please.” Della’s daughter-in-law complied quickly. “Sure Momma, not a problem.” In the living room, several long white plastic tables sat. “First Apostolic Church” was written in marker on the edges of the tables, having been borrowed with the chairs from… (more…)