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Anthony D Faircloth – Fourth Quarter Newsletter

The Nonplus Adventures of a Self-publishing Writer: Cover Shoot for “Just Us” Part Duex   The photo shoot is complete, long live the photo shoot! I decided to rethink this picture and just use the two main characters, Tobi and Yancy. Tobi is portrayed by Gabby Lofland, a talented writer and violinist, and Yancy is played by my son, Samuel,… (more…)

Hypersite War: Della Braxton’s Story

Della Braxton placed the last piece of chicken on the platter. “Hey baby, take this plate to the living room please.” Della’s daughter-in-law complied quickly. “Sure Momma, not a problem.” In the living room, several long white plastic tables sat. “First Apostolic Church” was written in marker on the edges of the tables, having been borrowed with the chairs from… (more…)