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The Boy

I looked across the space between the young boy and I. ‘Brown,’ was the only word that seemed to encompass not only the description of the dead grass and exposed soil, but included my mood and the general miasma of the setting. It had not rained in the past — I couldn’t remember. It felt odd that me, an avid gardener… (more…)

Sarah Anne Wisemueller: A Sisters of the Secret Mystery Story

Sarah Anne Wisemueller sat on the back steps of Sisters of the Secret Mystery, the orphanage her Uncle Thomas had dropped her off ten years ago. She looked across the dark paved playground, remembering. Back then, at seven, she was one of the children hanging from the monkey bars, but now at seventeen, she had different feelings as she watched… (more…)

The Thing in the Attic

  “Jerry,” Kim yelled from the kitchen. “What,” I responded from the living room, feeling lucky she decided to bug me during a commercial and not during a play. When I married the woman she had given me the distinct impression she liked sports. I mean an exuberant ‘like,’ not quite fan-girl level but close. All through our dating and… (more…)

O’er Mountains to the Sea

Everything was fine as they began their first night in the mountains. The whole convoy was in high spirits as they left the comfortable homesteads of their people which surrounded the central settlement. Ten years had passed since their crash landing on Darkworld, as some had begun to call it, and in that time the settlers, now known as “pilgrims,”… (more…)

Anthony D Faircloth – Special Christmas 2015 Newsletter

The Nonplus Adventures of a Self-publishing Writer: Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season,to everyone. I thought I’d drop everyone a special line as to what’s going on at the ol’ Faircloth Family micro-farm. The chickens are well, though their laying is decreased due to the season. In last year’s Christmas newsletter I reported about a… (more…)

Anthony D Faircloth – Sepoctemberish Newsletter

The Nonplus Adventures of a Self-publishing Writer: Things I’ve Learned (PT 1) I’ve been writing now for several years. In no way is this an exclamation of superiority, or to imply I know what I’m doing. Frankly, most of time it feels just the opposite, but all I know to do is keep, ‘doing.’ A writer friend told me that… (more…)

Nick Saint: Chapter One

I stood in the shadows at the edge of the silent alleyway, enfolded in early morning darkness. Across the street, the neon bar sign flashed “Mel’s Brewery” once every three seconds. Beneath the name, on an alternating three seconds, it flashed the question, “Ready for a beer?” and the correct time on the hands of a neon clock, now one-forty-six.… (more…)

Anthony D Faircloth – Augusty Newsletter

The Nonplus Adventures of a Self-publishing Writer: The Blessing of Volunteers I am currently finishing up work on my third novel, Nick Saint. It has passed through several edits, through the hands and minds of BetaReaders, and is now ready for cover art and the last minute touches before publication. Since I am no Steve King or H. Phil Lovecraft, I… (more…)

How to be a Happy Writer: Chapter One

1. Writers write. Leaders lead, cooks cook, writers write. If you are a writer, you write. That you write well, that you write many words or that you write in a particular genre, is all description, detail after the fact. A writer writes, so to be a writer, you must write. The intent of the statement is not to ensure… (more…)

Anthony D Faircloth – Julyish Newsletter

The Nonplus Adventures of a Self-publishing Writer: I THINK MY MUSE HAS ADD I’ve been writing for a few years with limited success but don’t cry for me, Argentina. I know I have to do my time, learn the craft and all. Having said that, I must also say I have yet to understand my Muse. She has certainly had… (more…)